Access and Parking

Access and Parking

Live close to Commonwealth Ave?  Count yourself lucky to live in such an awesome neighborhood! Pedestrians, strollers, wagons, and bicycles are encouraged.  BIKE PARKING is available in many locations throughout Plaza Midwood

Additional Parking is available at:

  • Green Memorial Baptist Church - 1324 The Plaza

  • International House - 1817 Central Ave

  • Thomas Ave and Central Ave Lot - (BEWARE OF TIME LIMITS)

  • Back in Parking is available on Commonwealth from the intersection of Thomas Ave to The Plaza.  (BE SURE YOU BACK IT IN!)

  • Behind No Grease Barber - (NOT ALL, JUST BEHIND NO GREASE) - 1531 Central Ave

  • Parking is available on Gordon

  • Street Parking is available throughout Plaza Midwood

Other parking options will be posted as they become available.