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Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Holy Ghost Tent Revival has been heralded since 2007 for delivering a fast-paced, horn-driven rock and roll experience - crashing, oohing, wailing, and perhaps even shredding. But how does it all work?

It's in the sound! Thanks to tastefully gritty guitars, bombastic drums and plunky bass -- not to mention the sweet vocal harmonies and fanfaric brass of trumpet and trombone -- HGTR delivers catchy, danceable numbers that will leave you humming and grinning time and time again. And it all comes straight from the heads and hearts of its talented young performers: six handsome gents from North Carolina who write dynamic, authentic songs and spend a whole lot of time traveling in a van together.

"Since 2008, NC’s Holy Ghost Tent Revival has been crafting a sound rooted in its members' Southern upbringing ... a soul-rock horn band that recalls '60s and '70s classic-rock influences such as The Band and The Flying Burrito Brothers, contemporary indie-rock acts like Dr. Dog, and New Orleans brass-band jazz."



Big Daddy Love

Having only been together since the Summer of 2009, Big Daddy Love-- founded by high school friends from the rural mountains of Sparta, NC-- was just playing a handful of North Carolina markets when they made their first trip to Floyd in 2010, where they won the prestigious "Under The Radar" contest for the best new artist at the large, Virginia festival. The fresh, vital sound and energized performance of this new band simply blew people away, and with the fan-voted award der their belts, Big Daddy Love returned home and began to build their grass roots following in earnest. 
Big Daddy Love is a five-piece band with a unique and natural blend of rock, roots and grass that they call ‘Appalachian Rock’. Above the mix, the lead vocals and acoustic guitar accompaniment of their principal songwriter, Scott Moss, command the listener's attention and call for the harmonies that arise in response. Twin leads of Stratocaster riffs and soaring Allman-esque slide guitar on the one hand, and 5-string Scruggs / Fleck style banjo on the other-- like a typical Southern rock line-up, just replacing the second guitar with the banjo-- punctuate and emphasize what Moss delivers. These contrasting voices are anchored by a rhythm section that is equally at home in a groove or driving the bus with country, swing, funk or straight ahead rock. Big Daddy Love's high-energy performances, fueled by this combination of fiery vocals, striking instrumental dynamics that range from bombastic assaults to soothing grooves, have garnered them a strong, passionate following throughout their home region. 

Leadville Social Club

Bob Graham has been writing songs for over 10 years, keeping them in a sealed Dukes Mayo jar in his attic. With the encouragement of guitarist/music partner in crime Chris Edwards and long time Charlotte song writer Bill Noonan, he formed LEADVILLE. Randy Saxon and Geoff White of David Childers & The Over Mountain Men fame, made up the original core of the group. As other players made their way in and out of the group depending on the night, the "Social Club" label just seemed to fit the vibe of what was developing. Currently, White and Edwards are joined by veteran drummer Eric Howard and upright bass player Master Kory Dudley. Graham feels lucky that his songs surfaced from that mayo jar in the attic into a life of their own. Leadville ain't about the destination...its about the journey. 

This "Social Club" has FUN.

The Business People

Post-funk and quarter punk since 2010


Beautiful and entertaining; this belly dancing fire breathing duo known as Satarah will perform at Common Ground!  

Heart of a Ghost